Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Glorious Day Lifting

Here is my new "bigness",  all 130 pounds of it! These pictures were taken Monday afternoon, before I went to lift with Roy. In yesterdays post I was whining about how "big" I was feeling, and I'm over it now!


I feel more in control now and that's the biggest help. I find that if I don't feel I can control an issue, then it's a problem for me. I am not talking crowd control, not talking saving the world, I am talking me. Controlling my actions.

I have the wheel again

Oh I am still trying to add mass, and I have done quite a glorious job with that haven't I? LOL! I am now actually back to portion control and I feel I can take care of any back sliding I did. It won't take long, wait and see. Of course, I have been on vacation, and will be again all next week, so the food fest continues, but I know what I need to do. 

Monday and Tuesday were what I call a Glorious Day Lifting, I felt wonderful and you know what? When I feel good I look good! Monday I was sore from sprints, I am sore all the time these days and I think we need to de-load soon, I need a break, at least my body does.

It was "hammies" with Roy, so that meant I would be doing very slow back extensions holding a 14 pound bar over my head, I can feel it in my lower back, glutes, obliques, upper back, my core. Oh it hits the entire posterior chain, I can feel it as I shake near the end of each set. 

Then off to the Glute Ham Raise, the devil's child. I love to hate it, mostly love though. The distance is moved closer, so the knees are resting more toward the middle of the pad, less ability to use leverage this way. I surprised him I think, I hit 10. Then I hit 11, then he said go for 13, I did.

He then said it was too easy and the next time it gets moved closer. He measured it for me, I repeat this on my own later in the week, I need to get it right when he's not there, and I will.

Tuesday when I woke up I felt strong, and I felt better since I now had a plan, I felt like I was on course again. It was chest day, not my favorite but I have two more weeks Roy said.

Dips, I warmed up then found a weight belt and added 15 pounds. Yes, it's not much, but I am doing 5 sets of 10, and I am going all the way down and slow. I am doing them right. I time my rests, 2 1/2 minutes and then I hop back up.

Bench press. Again, I am working on the eccentric move, I warm up then it's 95 pounds. 5 sets of 10, slowly, slowly. I start the stopwatch and rest it on my belly as I lift. I am aiming for a slower set, but this is a hard one for me. I still did better than last week and that is all I can ask for. 


Then I get one shoulder exercise because I am so worried about losing size in my shoulders, Roy throws it in to placate me I think. Single arm press. I do 5 sets on each side, 30 pound dumbbell. Concentrate on the eccentric, I am aiming for a minimum of 75 seconds time under tension. One arm is stronger than the other, always.

I pat myself on the back, reminding myself that I am trying to add mass, I am not on a competition diet so I cannot except to be the lean gazelle I am so used to. It's OK, I feel good, I look good.

Bring on Friday for another Glorious Day Lifting (x2).