Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I buy a lot of supplements, especially whey protein and it's not cheap. Well, it can be cheap but you get what you pay for! If it's super cheap, cheaper than the rest there is probably a pretty good reason for that.

Recently I decided to try another brand, I am always searching for that rich, creamy, chocolaty goodness. I drink the stuff twice a day after all! 

I found one with a very well known name and it happened to be quite a bit less expensive than the one I was buying. They both had similar ingredients, so I decided to try it. I bought a big tub since I go through so much and it's cheaper that way right?

I ordered it through Bodybuilding.com, where I order the majority of my supplements.

The whey was so sweet I couldn't stomach it. I tried it time and time again, I tried it everyday for two weeks. I just couldn't do it any longer, it was ruining my day. My protein drink is actually one of the highlights of my day, I love it, this was changing that for me.

I emailed Bodybuilding.com and explained my predicament. There was nothing wrong with the product, it was me, I just don't like things that sweet.  Would they refund my money?

Yes indeed!

They said to ship it back and they would credit my account for 100% of the purchase price! Wow, and I had used it for two weeks (once a day, the other time I use a meal replacement protein).

It cost me just over $11.00 to send it back, I certainly used more than $11.00 worth.

I am a happy camper, I think that's great that they stand behind their products like that! Not only do their prices compare with other companies, but the customer service is out of this world!

Bodybuilding.com has a customer for life!