Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Blast from the Past

I was 38 in the picture, just before I decided it was time to get fit. It didn't stop me from having fun, but I'm glad I changed my eating and exercice habits!

I was actually getting paid to do this! I was at a conference at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Director of my department, Susan, had purchased this coconut top and dared everyone to put it on, no one would...but me!  I just whipped my bikini top off right there on the beach, tied the rough strings around my neck and voila! 

We actually own those same coconuts, when Susan retired there was a memorabilia auction for charity, David felt compelled to buy the top, I think he paid $40.00, and yes, I did put it on again!

Then I saw these cute young guys and asked if they wouldn't mind...I had a great time at that conference- I learned to surf too! I think I even took part in an interview over Mai Tais...and she got the job!

I haven't changed much since then, at least not my attitude and outlook on life, I have always been kinda crazy, whacky and fun loving, but my body certainly has changed hasn't it?

Fast forward 13 years...I am 51.

Weight training and attention to a healthy diet has seemingly reversed the aging process for me. I feel younger and look younger.

It's never too late to start turning back the hands of time! 
Do it! 
Do it now!