Sunday, July 8, 2012

Body Diversity

I worry about my physique, probably too much. In fact, I know I think about it all the time. You may thing that's not a healthy obsession, or you may think it's perfectly normal, it all depends on the lens you are looking through.

I really don't worry about what others think, I worry about what I think. I want a muscular body, more muscular than the average person (be it male or female), lean, (leaner than the average person) and full- meaning a body that is fed and nourished properly so the muscles look "full".

You can only get what I want with a regular, consistant, hard training schedule, clean and nutritious food, and the right macro-nutrients and supplements.

Running would not give me the body I want, neither would a diet of salads. I need weight lifting and lots of protein.

One of the reasons I compete is to force myself to constantly stay on track, you see, it's not easy to do all of this. Actually I have no problem with the  training, I will make the time, that's not a question. I cannot think of a more enjoyable day than hitting the gym twice, morning on my own doing some cardio and calves, then practicing my posing in the yoga studio.

Later in the day lifting with Roy at BodyComp Gym. I love that, I love the challenge and the fact that he pushes me and expects me to perform. I remember once several years ago when I trained with SC, I said "You aren't going easy on me cause of my age are you?" and he replied "Kristy- no, I expect the same from you as I do from all my Athletes". His "athletes" were all collegiate, scholarship athletes less than half my age.

He could not have said anything to me that would have made me feel better.

Roy treats me like the rest of his clients and he treats me like the accomplished Athlete I am. I doubt I would be training with him if he didn't.

I often push myself so hard and have such high expectations of myself that I cannot see how accomplished I am. I cannot see how great my physique looks. I cannot see how smoothly I hum along like a fine tuned race car.

Roy sent this link to me recently, he said it is done every single year. I have never, ever seen it. It was eye opening for me. These are Athletes - Many are Olympic athletes, yet few of them even possess "the body" I strive for, one that I actually succeed in obtaining at competition time.

I completely understand we are training for different outcomes, our goals are not the same, yet a lot is the same. The never ending training. The strict dietary schedule of specific foods that must be weighed, measured, timed. The need for rest, need to avoid stress, fitting it all in.

Click on the link below, please take a long hard look. Scroll through and examine the bodies, they are all so very, very different. Many of them look like your average man or woman next door, some look downright unhealthy. Others looks stunning, like works of art. But they all represent the best of the best. They are the elite Athletes of the United States. They are what we can only dream about being. They are as different as you and I and they are all beautiful,magnificent, and glorious. 

Then think about how beautiful your own body is and celebrate it. Celebrate YOU!