Saturday, July 21, 2012

Growing the Back

I've been off all week so I was cleaning out one of my closets. I do this a couple times a year, and I will go through and try on the clothes and get rid of what doesn't fit. This week I looked at my formal dresses, the last time I did it was a year and a half ago.

My back has grown, the dresses will go.

I love this one, but I cannot zip it so out it goes to Goodwill.

I have been working on my back for a long time, so I am not sad, it actually makes me happy!

I like red, I have lots of red, blonds look good in red. I have read that if you want people to remember you, wear red. I have a red car in fact it's my second red car. This dress looks fine from the front.

The zipper is supposed to go all the way up to where the back ties are.

Ah, one of my favorites! A hot little number, in red of course!

Can't even zip it up halfway!

The dresses are gone, I dropped them off on Wednesday. Sunday I train back again, and am working to get it wider and wider. I will just have to buy new dresses as I need them!

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  1. I'm loving this post. Of course because I'm seeing you progress but also because I have the same problem. Definitely not in the way you are having "problems". I too can't zip up my dresses but only because (I'm sure) of my back FAT. So I'm giggling because my photos would look about the same except with...FAT. Hehehe. How I find this amusing I'm not sure.... ;)