Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back Training and Posing

Yes, I am still planning on competing in Women's Physique. I haven't talked about it much but it's there, on my mind every single day and every moment when I am in the gym. 

This picture was taken Sunday morning after training Back and Biceps, looking good huh? 128 pounds, big, muscular and not too much bodyfat....I am 10 pounds over my competition weight from May 5, 2012 and my legs are looking better than they ever have, ever.

I had some wine Saturday, I sat in the backyard with Mark, Virginia, David and Cooper. We talked and watched Sophie try to catch non-existant butterflies with the net David gave her. I went to bed early though, by 9:00 lights out, I planned a heavy lifting day.

I felt really good when I woke up, full of energy and ready to go. As usual on Sundays, I didn't set my alarm, I still hopped out of bed at 5:10 a.m.

At the gym I started with chin ups, then moved over to low rows, heavy. I like the low row at Gold's Gym, it's on the floor and old and beastly, there are two side by side. 110 pounds and I use the wide handle grip for three sets of 10 then the triangle handle grip. 

More chin ups, then the lat pull down, 100 pounds, three sets of 9 with the wide grip and then three sets with the triangle.

More chin ups then over to Bent Over Single Arm Dumbbell Row. 55 pounds, three sets of 10 on each side.

I finished with Barbell Bicep Curls and Reverse Bicep curls and some Facepulls.

I felt great, very strong and full of energy. I decided to practice my posing a bit. There is only one room to do this at Gold's Gym, the yoga and group instruction room. There were two men in there, but that's a good thing, it is really important to practice when people are around, you need to get comfortable posing in front of strangers.

Below is a short video of IFBB Pro Tracy Bodner, check out her routine, I love it!

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I decided I would try to incorporate some dancing into the mandatory poses, so I turned on some upbeat music and just started dancing around the room, hitting a pose here and there, I am sure the two guys thought I was a nutcase, but who cares what they thought? 

I actually hit on some music that was perfect, I was able to move and dance and hit the poses and it all flowed quite well. The only problem is the music is Madonna, and she can really dance, not sure if I want to be up there comparing myself to her! Watch the following video and you can see and hear what I was moving to for my routine, which, by the way is starting to blossom! 

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