Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bare Fruit Apple Chip Giveaway

As so many of my stories start....I got an email the other day....It was from  Bare Fruit Snacks and this is what they said:

Hello from Bare Fruit Snacks. We noticed you have a great following and would like to send you some snacks to try.

Bare Fruit Apple Chips are super healthy, low in calorie, gluten and dairy free, fat free and high in fiber. Actually, they are just apples in a crunchy, tasty form.

If you like them, we would love to offer a special deal to your readers. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in.

Well,  I said yes, of course I said yes! And the next thing I know, I had an order on the way, and it arrived in just a couple days.

I have told you how much I love presents right? Even when I am expecting them! You have to be careful around my house, anyone standing around gets a camera thrust in their hands! Cooper was the poor victim today.

I opened my box, not quite sure what would be in there and it was a big, huge bag of Cinnamon Apple Chips! These should be interesting!

I ripped open the bag and popped one in my mouth. I liked them very much! Great crunch, wonderful apple flavor and just a hint of cinnamon. I can eat these!

I had David try them, he liked them and then it was time for Cooper. He tried them, said they were really good and sat down to read the ingredients (what a kid huh?) You can see I was in the middle of assembling my lunches for the next day...

Yes, Cooper agreed. These are good and I have found him snagging the bag out of the cabinet more than a couple times now! Just what is the nutritional value? A serving is 24 grams and it contains 58 calories, 16 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber and 14 grams sugar. Yes, they are high in sugar- they are fruit- all fruit is high in sugar! But if you are going to snack, choose your snacks wisely. You can snack on these or on trans-fat laden potato chips, it should be a no-brainer!

These have a great crispy texture, something I miss these days. I have been munching on a few here and there too!

The ingredients? Organic apples and organic cinnamon. Nothing else. Nice for a change huh?

So what special offer will the Bare Fruit Snacks people have for my readers? It's a great deal! They want me to host a give-away, and they will give an entire CASE of snacks to the winner of my contest! Woo-Hoo what a great prize huh?

I decide what the contest is, nice huh? So what's the deal and how do you enter?

The contest is this:

Tell me what song and artist I should use to perform my Women's Physique Posing Routine (the dance routine, not the mandatory poses). I want something upbeat, fast paced and fun. I am not really a slow, classical music kinda gal.

I decide on the winner after I review all the suggestions!

How do you enter?

1) Visit Bare Fruit Snacks on Facebook and "like" their page. (You can also find coupons on their page).

2) "Like" my Athlete page on Facebook  (button on the right, near the top of the post) or follow me on Twitter (button above Facebook "Like").

3) Leave your suggested song either here as a comment on my blog, tweet me or leave a comment on my Facebook post. Links and videos are even more fun if you can manage that too.

I do know that some of my readers are not on Facebook, and that's OK, if you are one of them just remind me in the comment you leave along with your suggested song.

The contest will run until Thursday, July 26 at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). I then will review all the suggestions and I will name a winner the following weekend.  And, if you send a picture of yourself, I will post that too.

Winner will be shipped one case of Bare Fruit snacks directly from the company.

Below is a fun short video of IFBB Pro Physique competitor Tracy Bodner posing at the 2011 NPC Colorado Rocky Mountain - she was having a great time putting on a show for the audience . Although the music is too slow for me, it gives you a flavor of how Physique can be fun and oh so different and much more entertaining than watching women standing there in those 5 inch high heels! (Notice the heels come off!)

I thoroughly enjoy watching Tracy, she is one of the most entertaining Women's Physique competitors out there. She brings personality and an obvious love of the sport to her performances.

Email subscribers will need to navigate to the blog to see this, crank up the speakers!

Good luck, I look forward to all of your suggestions and I will download the music onto my ipod and try my routine and report back!