Monday, December 27, 2010

Surprising Hereos

Posted by PicasaCooper- at my mother and father in laws house on Christmas evening.

We had a good day, Cooper was waiting patiently for round two of prime rib, he was in heaven!

Me? I enjoy it, but I feel a little apprehensive, I work hard all year long and eating a lot of fat or fried foods is not a good deal for my body, but sometimes, it's good for the soul.

I know it's not healthy for me to separate myself from the family so much, we eat different meals so many times, I do need to get in sync with them on occasion. The last two days were just that occasion.

It is important to remember that there are many "signs' of eating disorders, and one is removing yourself from family events, or gatherings with friends if it involves regular food.

Bodybuilders and Figure competitors  are fairly notorious for their eating disorders.

I always joke that "I don't have an eating disorder, I have disordered eating", but if you aren't careful, it's no longer a joke.

Now, if you are prepping for a competition, so you are on the 12 week span of "the diet", that's OK. If you aren't prepping, and just "worried about getting fat", maybe you need to think about this.

Keep that in mind, it's an important thing to remember. Don't fall into the trap.

A few regular meals may make you feel bloated or lethargic, but think of the time you are spending with the people around you. Choose the healthier items on the table, limit the garbage, you can do it.

We had two surprise visitors on Christmas evening. There is a young, strapping man who lives across the street from my in-laws, and he stopped by with a bag full of warm, just baked bread!

Solomon and his family bake bread at home and it smelled heavenly, he had several varieties including our favorite bollios for sandwiches. (And they were wonderful too!)

He had heard about us from David's father, but we had never met. We chatted a bit about weight training and he said goodbye and walked home, across the street.

Moments later the doorbell rang. It was Solomon's wife, Alicia. She wanted to meet the family.

Alicia was very exited to meet me because she had seen my competition pictures, but found it hard to believe someone who worked full time, had a child and husband could still look the way I do.

We talked about her newest challenge, she has entered a "biggest loser" challenge. I am not sure if it is a local or regional challenge, but it will be exciting either way.

I hope she keeps me posted, I can tell she will be quite successful!

We talked a bit about what aspect is the most difficult (eating right gets you where you want to be, that's the hardest part) and I gave her my card, told her to email if she had any questions.

The next day Alicia posted a comment on my blog, saying "You are an inspiration to me. I have seen you as a real person, now I know you really exist"

Alicia probably doesn't realize what an inspiration she was to me today. I am feeling a bit heavy, a bit jiggly, in fact, although I said I wouldn't exercise, I felt the need to do some track intervals when I returned home on Sunday.

We are all so fortunate to have people who aspire to be; and then people who are here to inspire. Remember, cherish the people who ask for help, who reach out, who are bold enough to ask the questions.

I gain the most inspiration from people who have an enthusiasm and drive that I see in myself, those who are not afraid to ask for help or advise and seek those who can help make them what they strive to become. These are my heroes.

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