Friday, December 24, 2010


Posted by PicasaI love butts. I happen to be one of the "genetically gifted" , I have a beautiful, full round butt all the time, even when I diet. And when I purposely gain weight, it gets even rounder.

Although I was "gifted" with a great butt, that doesn't mean it will remain looking great with no effort. I train my glutes once a week, for a full hour. I work them like the big muscle they are. People laugh at me, most of them have no idea that they could actually work their glutes for that long.

Let them laugh all they want, I don't have a flat butt, ever! I see heads turn when I walk by, and sometimes after I walk by, I quickly turn right around, look them in the eye and smile. Caught in the act! ha ha

SC (my previous trainer) actually gave me a 675 page book called:

Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening, The Secret to Top Speed Sprinting, Back and Knee Injury Prevention and a Better Butt by Bret Contreras.

I have two videos here, the first is a serious one, 4 minutes long and it is Will Brink telling about the importance of "butt" training and eating properly to get that round butt. If you aren't feeling serious and want to see some awesome butts, at least take a look at the belly dancers in the second video. You will be amazed at what a well trained butt can do!

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Booty Building Facts by Will Brink:

The Way Your Back End is:

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