Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bigger and Bigger

Posted by PicasaI have been eating and lifting, lifting and eating.

You know what happens when you do that? You get big, real big. I have been fluctuating up and down a couple pounds, all depends on what I ate the days before.  I haven't yet hit the 130 mark though and I think it's a bit odd, seems I should have by now.

The heaviest I have been in recent years is 132 and that was December of 2009, exactly a year ago. I want to get as much muscle as I can, and to do so I need to lift heavy and eat enough calories to gain weight, but every time I see that back fat start hanging over my bra top, or a jiggle around the waist, I get a little skitterish and seem to back off.

Its a simple process, I tell others all the time "Embrace the process", "You must go through this to be successful", yet I have a difficult time listening to my own advice.

Sunday morning and I am standing in front of the fridge so you can see how big I have gotten.

The glutes look great still! I think the fact that I run up and down 300 stairs, 4 days a week helps, but then that is a form of cardio and that makes me burn more calories. I only spend a total of 20 minutes though, so not too much.

And the shorts? I love em! They are actually underwear, but when I wore them to the gym today, I got a "cute shorts" from one of the most conservative women there, so I know I am OK.

These are Under Armour Mesh Series Boyshorts, and I am going to get them in the other colors too. Blue, Black and red/white splash. Not only do I like the way they sit low on my hips, they are super thin and feel like wearing nothing!

So I realize these aren't very great pictures, or in fact, very complimentary at all. I guess after spending two and a half hours at the gym I could have taken a shower and put on some make up first, maybe even done something with my hair, but do you really care?  This is what I am looking like now, and what I will look like for a while as I try to get bigger and bigger for the next two and a half months.

Bottoms up!

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