Thursday, December 23, 2010

Locker Room talk

Posted by PicasaI was at the gym this morning and wandered down to the far end of the locker room so I could weigh myself.

I sat down on the leather bench (yes, they just remodeled and they have huge leather benches in the locker room!), and took off my shoes.

There were four other women there, all regulars, and fit gals ranging from mid fifties to mid sixties. These are no slouches either, they either spin or swim every single day.

They all greeted me with smiles and hello's, asked what I had been up to (it's a big locker room and I am usually at the opposite end).

I told them I was on a weight gain goal, trying to get big! They all laughed and said what fun that must be and they wish they could do that.

I had to explain it's not as fun as it sounds, your head gets in the way. They thought you could just eat whatever you wanted and that was how you got big. I explained the right way. Lean meats, fish, brown rice, oatmeal, beans. No sugars, no fats, no candies, limited bread and pasta.

What do you mean "your head gets in the way?" one asked..I looked at her and said "Do I look fat to you?"

"No!" she said with a crazy look on her face.

"Exactly!" I said. "To get lean and look good for a competition, you gotta get big first, and diet later. When you start gaining weight, just as you need to so you can gain muscle, you start thinking you look fat when you are not even close to fat."

 One said "Well, you do look really muscular now"

"Yahoo"! I shouted.

They asked about weights , what should they lift to gain muscle and get big? "Lift really, really heavy" I told them.

"Low reps right?" one asked.

"Yes" I said, "Heavy weight, low reps" I didn't bother telling her that the reps are low because if you are lifting heavy enough, you cannot physically lift the weight very many times, it's just a fact.

I walked away, feeling good.

The last thing I heard as I walked out was "OK grils! Remember this, we can do it too! Heavy weight, low reps! Heavy weights, low reps!"

Go get 'em girls! I know you can do it too.