Monday, December 13, 2010


I love sandwiches. Ask my family, I always tell them that some left over piece of their meat will make a great sandwich, it's kind of a running joke around our house, especially because I really cannot eat them very often.


Simple: If you are trying to be lean, bread doesn't belong in your diet. It is processed empty calories for the most part.

However, I am not preparing for a competition right now, in fact, I am trying to gain weight. I don't really like adding fat to my frame, but it's a necessary evil if I want to add muscle.

I am sure you have read people telling you that they have the secret to add lean mass (muscle) and lose fat all at the same time. Don't believe it, if they had that secret, they would be multi-millionaires and wouldn't need to be selling their "revolutionary system" over the Internet for $129.99.

So the way you get bigger is you eat more calories. They should ideally be healthy choices and not garbage though. My current diet allows me to eat more breads and pastas and I am enjoying that part quite a bit.

I am very excited that I discovered a new bread on Friday. I have already had two sandwiches in two days too!

This bread is made by the same company that makes the great whole grain bread I buy, Alvarado Street Bakery. This bread is the Essential Flax Seed bread and it has 100 calories for TWO slices and 18 grams of carbs for TWO slices! That's half of what most breads have! I am in heaven.

Here is what they say about this wonderful organic bread:

Our “Essential” Flax Seed Bread is a great source of Omega 3 and 6. This “Essential” bread has the lowest calories of all our breads, as well as the lowest fat, lowest sodium and lowest carbs. This great tasting bread is available through our on-line store, as well as in supermarkets and natural food stores throughout the country.
Sprouted Organic Whole Wheat Berries, Filtered Water, Wheat Gluten, Sprouted Organic Whole Flax Seeds, Oat Fiber, Cultured Wheat, Organic Dates, Fresh Yeast, Organic Raisins, Soy Based Lecithin, Sea Salt 

The nutrition facts for two slices are:

100 calories
18 grams carbs
5 grams fiber
1 gram sugar
6 grams protein
100 mg sodium

It's almost too good to be true!

David had a sandwich and liked it enough that he said he can eat it all the time.  I am heading out to the store on Monday and getting one more loaf of this great bread. You can order it online if your store doesn't carry it.

What are my favorites? Scrambled egg whites with romaine lettuce; tuna with sprouts and avacado; and peanut butter with no sugar jelly. 
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