Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Albacore Chowder

Posted by PicasaI had this for meal #4 on Sunday and loved it!

Dave's Gourmet Albacore is in Santa Cruz and sells quality products. I first tried Dave's many, many years ago when Dave's wife Krista used to sell their products at the farmers market in Los Gatos.

They have amazing canned tuna, smoked tuna, salmon, fresh tuna, sole, the list goes on and on, check out the link above for a full list.

Dave is a purist, all of the fish he sells is caught "hook and line", none of this garbage where they use huge nets that catch and kill other fish and dolphin  that get in the way. It is the humane way of fishing and allows him to select only the best.

This tuna is expensive, but it is the highest quality and the best you will ever taste. They even have canned albacore with no oil, water, salt, nada!

Dave also happens to be a weightlifter!

I ran into a gal selling his canned products two weeks ago at the Campbell farmers market, it's the one I prefer to go to. Krista is now back at the Los Gatos market too I understand.

I bought this albacore chowder and some clam chowder. What I found intriguing is that she said there were no potatoes in the chowders any longer because she is on a low carb diet, so Dave replaced them with water chestnuts!

I can vouch for the albacore, they weren't potatoes (and it was great anyway!). I didn't follow the directions of adding a can of milk, for two reasons, one, I am lactose intolerant, and two, I wanted less calories. I suppose you can use skim milk if you like though. I added a can of my homemade turkey stock!

Here is the back label:

One can serves two people (don't forget you add a can of liquid).  The breakdown is as follows:

160 calories
4 grams fat
285 mg sodium (ridiculously low for a canned product)
9 grams carbs (see no potato)
0 sugar
9 grams protein

Now this doesn't have enough protein for a complete meal, but you can have a nice salad with it and in the salad add some small pieces of chicken, or a couple hard cooked eggs (toss the yolk).

You can find Dave's at their shop in Santa Cruz, several farmers markets or online and even my favorite grocery store Cosentino's sells some of their canned tunas.

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