Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting Started Again

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I am looking forward to getting back in the gym and lifting weights. At this point I believe it will be August 2, but I am hoping to get clearance for a bit earlier date. If I start back on the 2nd, it will have been 12 days of no training, longest I have ever gone.

I emailed SC to ask where I should start, I mean I don't think I can start back where I left off. I will probably not have the strength, and is it the right thing to do?

SC said " Go thru some volume, when you get back into it. That with the restricted calories and you should shed weight fast with the VO2 protocol and the shoe routine"

I bought a new 3 ring binder, yes I walk around the gym with a clip board just like a trainer does, and I know many people think it's rather odd, but it is the only way for me to ensure I am following my workout and accurately recording weights and reps. My new binder is chock full of training logs, daily nutrition, my mouth guard, everything I need to lift and train.

I will lift in the morning every day, then each afternoon when I get home from work is "cardio". Not your traditional style cardio, that has it's place pre-competition, this is hardcore, burn it up fast, blast your butt stuff that will leave you wishing you never embarked on this adventure!

Three days a week is Viking Warrior Conditioning, which I shall write more about later. It is a VO2 protocol kettlebell conditioning program, a program that is set by a gymboss, an interval timer that signals when to start and when to rest. Using the gymboss ensures that you don't rest too long, nor do you push yourself too much, it keeps you right on track.

Three days a week is my strength shoe plyometrics, although I suspect I will need to start with just plain plyo's for the first week.

Sundays are "bootcamp" that I do with "R" in the gym at the club. We set up a series of exercises we cycle through to make us sweat and breathe hard!

Here are my weights for the first three weeks:

Volume Training After Illness
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