Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Week Out Diet

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This is pretty much it for the next week. Exactly what will I eat for the next week?

Chicken breast, asparagus, mushrooms, rice, fish and some egg whites for a few days then the eggs get eliminated too. When you get only a week away from a competition, you have been dieting for months, your body fat is low and everything is very delicate. One wrong move and you could blow the whole process (well that would need a be a very BIG bad move, like a binge).

What's different is that up until the last few weeks, I have been eating all sorts of vegetables, grains, lean meats, fish, quite a nice, healthy diet full of variety. Although I have been enjoying myriad foods, I have still been on a "diet" meaning, no alcohol, dairy, whole eggs, fried foods, candy, chips, pork, lamb, most beef, sausages, dessert, fruit, geez! Many things, and everything has been weighed! So, I have been hungry even immediately after eating on occasion and craving different foods too.

That is all changing very quickly, but not for too long.

Right now I cannot risk eating any raw vegetables, or any cruciferous vegetables, for fear of bloating and gastric distress. My body gets very sensitive to everything I put into it right now, unfortunately I learned this the hard way at my first competition.

Now I need to remain fueled, with no surprises. No spices, no interesting twists as I usually do. Some women need to start this much earlier than I do, we are all different.

I think that because I tend to eat a clean, healthy diet most of the time, I don't "feel" like I am dieting as long as many others do. I am definitely feeling it now though, feeling sick of it, tired, frustrated, week, ready to end it.

This close you really start obsessing with your body and how it looks. The fear is that you "peak" too early, that you look magnificent one day, but not the day of the show.

I am just about perfect right now. I am 4.8% body fat, and 122 pounds. This is slightly higher body fat than my competition on May 22, but a whopping 4 pounds heavier and just what I wanted! I need to hold onto this for a week.