Saturday, July 10, 2010


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I am writing this Friday afternoon, my second competition of the year is on Saturday, the day you are reading this.

I sat down on my bed to rest for a while, I am tired, there is so much physical and emotional preparation that goes into each one of these, until you have done it yourself, you cannot even come close to imagining it.

The highs are oh so wonderful and the lows are so very dark. Everyone rides the same road up and down, but feeling alone many times.

The diet is what is most difficult for me. I love lifting weights, and can do it for hours. I mean a friend can call up and say "let's go lift weights!" and I jump at the chance.

The diet is hard because you are so alone from everyone else, they all eat something different and at a different time. You are constantly cooking, yet you cannot eat what you are cooking until your scheduled time. It's not the food that gets me down, it's the fact that eating is a communal event, a way to share life with people, I often feel I am not able to share this experience.

But that will all change very soon. I am at the home stretch, I just had my last "diet" meal.

I haven't trained since Tuesday, you have to stop a few days before, and I haven't slept in, I have gone into work early since I will be out so long, I have to catch up.

I took Friday off, went into the club at 7:30 to check my weight, I am at 120 pounds, I wanted to come in at 120 to 121 so I am perfect! On July 1 I was at 122 pounds and 4.80% body fat, so I am guessing I am about 4% right now.

Hair cut at 8:00am (see above I like the bangs!)

Manicure and pedicure at 10am (I am boycotting fake nails, I grew my own out and they look lovely), now I don't have to struggle with them all day and then soak them off.

Cooked my meals for the show, steak, chicken, rice, asparagus.

Packed everything I will need to take with me even though there is no hotel involved, it's almost like the days of an infant with the darn diaper bag and everything but the kitchen sink in it.

Took off my make up and will shower soon then down to the hotel for my spray tan. I talked David into going with me, he can sit in the bar and have a cocktail while I am tanned. Let him get up close and personal to everything.

I am looking forward to dinner. I reduced carbs for a few days, then added them back, now I am trying to saturate my muscles with glycogen. I will have RARE steak, baked potato, asparagus and a nice slice of homemade cheesecake. I made it a couple days ago, Kim told me to have it Friday night so I look full and round, I couldn't bring myself to buy an inferior product when I know I make such a good one. Plus my son loves it and will eat the rest. A win win for everyone involved!

One last meal of 3 ounces of chicken and then to bed early.

I will wake up, eat steak and potato and start the stage make up. Put on my suit and jewelry then sweats and flip flops and head down to the Convention Center. I will probably stop by and pick up "M" in her hotel room, see if she needs any last minute assistance.

Then we will head over to Exhibit Hall 3 and wait for the athlete briefing and registration. We have to check in at 8:30 but none of the figure competitors will even go on stage until 11:00 at the earliest, all of the bodybuilders go first.

The first show is open to the public (paying of course) and is called pre-judging, but there is nothing "pre" about it, this is where they decide who gets what place. You are almost sure to know what place you are in by where they line you up for the final look. Some women get so discouraged here that they don't bother to come back for the evening show.

Everyone up on the stage has busted their butt for months, they all look great and it takes guts to stand up there in front of everyone. I have a great deal of respect for every single competitor who does come this far, no matter where they place.

Pre-judging will end late, after "lunch" time and then we have a few hours to rest before the evening show. I may hang out in "M"s hotel room for a while, but will most likely drive home for a quick lay down.

Back at 6pm for the athlete brief and we go through it all over again, but this time with a huge audience, lots of lights and music, an emcee and trophies are awarded. The only placings the judges don't know until the evening show is the "overall" winner.

The overall winner for figure is selected form the first place winners of each open height category. All of the first place winners will be lined up and compared side by side. The overall winner is awarded an Excalibur sword, is featured on the posters for the following year and usually considers going on to compete at the National level.

Then, I kick off those 5 inch heels, rip open my Doritos and eat them while chugging a huge bottle of water, you can't have much all day so you are dying of thirst. After the Doritos I break open the Milk Duds and strip off the suit.

Naked women will be standing all over in the locker room, make up smeared, tans blotchy, eating every kind of junk food you can imagine, huge smiles, hugs and laughter, some will be shrieking and dancing.

"M" wants to go out to Original Joe's for dinner, it will be about 11pm and I know I will be tired, maybe I will go, maybe I will go home.

David will get home before I do and will be waiting with cold champagne for me and a big hug and kiss.

And then a long, hot, steamy shower and one more piece of cheesecake.