Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nicoise Salad

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A fantastic summer dish! I couldn't have this when I was prepping for a competition, but now I am able to and it is oh so wonderful!

The best anchovies are those you get packed in salt. We use quite a bit, so we buy the big round tin imported from Italy, it lasts for months in the refrigerator.

Remove a couple whole anchovies from the salt and rinse in cool water, then soak to remove all the salt and to soften them.

Boil a couple eggs to your preference, we like our yolks still soft.

Thickly slice some heirloom tomatoes and lay on plates. Slice cucumber and lay on top of the tomatoes.

Dice up green bell pepper and french breakfast radishes and scatter over the top.

Lay tuna chunks on top, we prefer the long loins packed in oil, but if you are really watching your fats, feel free to use tuna packed in water.

Separate the anchovies into fillets, then lay on top, add the halved or quartered eggs.

Finely chop fresh chives and sprinkle all over, top with a few nicoise olives, then freshly grated pepper and a drizzle of fruity olive oil.

Serve with crusty french bread.