Monday, July 5, 2010

Living to Die?

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You read that correctly. I am asking you to consider something very carefully.

Are you living to die or dying to live?

They are completely and utterly different.

Your daily activities, hobbies, interests and work all contribute to this, but so does your eating habits, exercise, and leisure activities.

Yes, it is difficult to eat a clean, healthy diet most of the time. It takes planning, shopping, preparing, packaging, toting, the list can be endless.

It is sometimes a pain in the neck to get up early to go to the gym before work or to find the energy to get yourself there after work to exercise everyday.

It is a drag to bypass the alcohol when everyone else is enjoying it.

It is hard to avoid fattening and unhealthy foods like sweets, fried foods, baskets of bread with butter, fatty meats, need I continue?

I take the time, I make the effort because I want to be healthy and independent as long as possible. I am Dying to Live.

I imagine, since I have known people who have experienced these things that it is also very hard to watch your children reach their arms up to be held, yet you cannot because your weight has prevented you from bending over to do so.

Or to sit on a blanket, watching friends play Frisbee at the beach, and you are completely covered up because you are self conscious about your weight.

Or to struggle walking up stairs, and feel like you cannot breathe.

Or to have an oxygen mask because you have emphysema.

To worry about the complications of diabetes, which are too numerous to detail here.

I consider this Living to Die.

It is your choice, neither one is easy, they both have their difficulties.

I will continue what I have been doing because I am Dying to Live.