Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4:00 AM Meal

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It is important to eat as soon as you wake, I know many people swear by doing cardio on an empty stomach, but science has proven that you do not burn more fat on an empty stomach. All you do is make yourself very hungry and push your body to work hard without fuel, then for most people, this backfires because they are so hungry when they are done training that they either eat the first thing in sight or eat more than they should.

Yes, there was an article in the San Francisco newspaper about 2 months ago saying that you do burn more fat on an empty stomach; however, if you bothered to read the entire article, the test involved 7 males. Not 7000, not 700, but 7. That is not a study.

So, about the picture above, I have a week until my next competition and I have to eat before I go to the gym, but I have to cut out protein shakes because of the extremely high sodium content. Same with egg whites, they are full of sodium, I bet you never knew that.

I have to give myself the same about of starches and protein as I usually ingest, so here I have my "Breakfast Chicken Mush"...sounds disgusting and I thought it would taste just as bad as it sounded, but its actually quite tasty.

This is 18 grams of carbs (1/2 a serving of cream of rice) and 20 grams of protein (3 ounces of chicken breast). I finely chop the chicken, mix it with the cream of rice and microwave when I am ready to eat. Top it with some black pepper, and could be a close cousin to the Army delicacy called SOS. Might even be good baby food without the pepper!

I am only eating this for a week, although I have to have it twice a day, meals #1 and #2.