Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Korean Bath House

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I spent some time at the Korean Bath House again on Monday, you can read more about it in my post in May called "Korean Bath House". If you haven't read that one, please do as it would help explain the entire process of this unique experience.

The picture above is the "menu" of services in the lobby listing what they offer.

The baths were very calm today, it was later than usual, and a holiday so the clientele were mostly older retired women, I guess everyone was out of town. I made sure that I asked for Sue again, she makes it so enjoyable.

I soaked in the jacuzzi for quite a while, and only went into the steam room for a very short period, I don't want to sweat out all my hydration right now.

I feel so comfortable here, all the women walk around naked, totally relaxed. There aren't many places where this happens, where even strangers feel like sisters, women always seem to be competing with each other for some odd reason, when they should be allies!

When my appointment rolled around Sue called to me to bring my ticket. She immediately asked if I won lots of money at my last competition. Now it's a bit difficult to have a conversation as I speak no Korean, and Sue speaks very little English, but we manage. I explained that they don't award prize money, but I did win a trophy.

She had me hop up and lay face down on the wet table, and started off by smacking my bare butt then letting our her loud, gravely, belly laugh and the scrub began.

Sue told me I was in much better shape than in May, and I think she was referring to my neck and shoulders, which were incredibly tight when I saw her last. As she was scrubbing and scrubbing away, she said my skin was very thin and asked if it was painful. I don't think she meant the fact that the skin was thin could be painful, I think she was referring to her scrubbing and having no fat underneath to cushion it.

I was glad to hear this as right now I do want "thin" skin. When you are getting ready to compete, you want all of the subcutaneous fat gone, so if you pinch the skin on the back of your hand, you will know what your skin should feel like all over. It is indeed an odd sensation.

And it doesn't hurt any more than it usually does when she scrubs off three layers of skin!

After my scrub and then my massage and face mask, she hosed me all off with hot water and then applied quite a bit of acupressure with super hot towels all over by body, I guess she didn't feel the need to beat me up like last time as my neck was fine.

She finally washed my hair, I was so relaxed and smooth, a wonderful session. She stood me up, tweaked my right nipple then let out her trademark belly laugh, gave me a thumbs up and said "go win more money at your competition!"

I laughed as I slowly walked out, naked to the world and feeling so good and ready for my show!