Sunday, June 20, 2010

Winning Ways

I am reading a new book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in developing their abilities in the weight room.

The book is called "Winning Ways: How to succeed in the gym and out" and was written by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

I have long been the believer that anything I never accomplished, or struggled with was a result of my mind, specifically my mind telling me I can or cannot do something. Many of us seem to forget that our mind is our strongest muscle, and we can easily succeed or not just by letting ourselves believe one way or the other.

I sometimes struggle when I get over the 200 pound mark on any of my lifts, I start thinking "what the heck is s little 125 pound gal doing lifting 225 pounds?? You are a nut!" and guess what? If I allow myself to have that conversation in my head, I do not end up lifting that barbell more than once, or it is done with poor form.

Luckily I hardly ever listen to myself when I start in down that road, but it's not that easy for many of us, and even I have to reassure myself constantly that I CAN do it, I SHOULD do it.

This book is about believing in yourself, and offers plenty of real life advice so you can stop that conversation in your mind, or you can turn it around to be a positive event. It is written in the weight room setting, although it can transfer to anything in life.

The preface sets the tone, here is an excerpt:

Besides being fresh, I think you will find the topics, psychological principals, and self-help tools discussed in Winning Ways: How to succeed in the gym and out really are remarkably potent. I hope that, after reading this book, you will fully embrace the idea that just as we each have to ability to make ourselves and those around us quite miserable, we also have the ability to aim high, accomplish great things, and give ourselves and the larger world something positive by virtue of our presence.

Doesn't that make you want to do something!? We are all important, we can all be successful, we all need to believe in our abilities.

Dr. Strossen is the founder of IronMind Enterprises, Incorporated.