Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you juggle?

That's what it seems to take sometimes. I feel like I have to juggle to maintain everything on an even keel and on schedule.

The picture here is my kitchen butcher block covered with several "juggling" projects. It's Sunday morning, I met "R" at the gym at 6 am when they opened, we did our own workout for an hour then met in the basketball court and set up a circuit boot camp for just the two of us.

Wall slams with a leather med ball, floors slams with that same ball, overheard throws against the padded wall with a hard med ball, squat tosses with the same ball, and backward pushing of the freestanding punching training bag (we don't have any prowlers or sleds at our gym).

5 circuits and we were just about wiped out. I guess it didn't help that we got together with our husbands the night before and polished off a few bottles of bubbly and wine.

Once at home, my husband was gone and already well into lacrosse practice with my son and I had to shower, eat and package lunches for the week, then drive out to Stanford to visit a friend in the hospital.

I am eating and cutting and packaging all at once, I just don't have time to sit down and eat. I had cooked the chicken and vegetables the day before but still had to cut and weigh them. I promised my husband I would make pizza for lunch too once I returned from the hospital....

You know what made it all worth it? Seeing the face of "O" as I walked into the hospital room. We talked for an hour, I sat and relaxed it was nice. It also made it worth the rushing around and hustle of the morning.

As I walked out, telling him I would be back when he had chemo, so we could sit and chat some more, I pondered that I am lucky I have to juggle, that I have the opportunity to "rush about" and actually lift weights, have to "fit it in" with a job I (usually) love, a "busy" home life with a husband and son I love very much, friends I "have" to meet and or sit around and have a bit too much to drink with, friends who "must" be visited, food that "must" be cooked and packaged up and just "not enough time in the day" for anything.

I guess it's just how you look at it all.

We should all be fortunate enough to have to juggle this way.