Saturday, June 5, 2010

Black Forest Muffins

The other day my nutritionist, Kim Porterfield (The Institute of Eating Management and Relapse Prevention Center) sent out a recipe for Black Forest Protein Muffins, and they sounded delicious but were protein only, no carbs and I wanted muffins that were a compete meal, something I could make ahead and then take with me to work for a complete morning meal.

I came up with this recipe based on her idea. My 16 year old son said “these are actually very good” and my husband said “I could eat these with a cup of coffee”. He then proceeded to eat several after dinner, while I typed this up. Considering these are a total healthy meal, contain all of the complex carbs and protein that you need, this is high praise!

This will make 24 muffins and the nutrient breakdown is as follows:

Men 6 muffins Calories 308.8; carbs 36.8 g; protein 30 g; sugar 4.5 g, fat 4.5 g
Women 4 muffins Calories 205.9; carbs 24.5 g; protein 20 g; sugar 3 g; fat 3 g

Don’t forget after an intense weight training session you really should have more carbs, so immediately following your workout you should be ingesting a carb/protein drink with a ratio of 4 to 1 (carbs to protein) and then eating this as your breakfast within the next hour and a half.

You must use aluminum muffin liners (it changes the consistency).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

4 cups liquid egg whites
1 1.4 ounce package sugar free instant chocolate jello pudding
1 20 ounce can Comstock lite cherry pie filling (buy sugar free if you can locate it)
2 cups Quaker oats
2 Tbsps baking powder
4 Tbsps unsweetened cocoa powder
8 Tbsps Splenda

Blend all ingredients (except pie filling) in food processor or blender until smooth. Pour into a bowl and allow to rest about 5 minutes until thickened, stir in pie filling. It will be thick like cake batter.

Place the aluminum cupcake liners into a cupcake tray, then spray with cooking spray. Fill each muffin cup up completely to the top.

Bake 25 minutes, let muffins rest in pan 5 minutes then remove muffins to a rack to cool. Bake second batch.

Muffins will be puffy and beautiful when they come out, and then fall and look just a little wrinkly when they cool.

My husband suggested slathering them with peanut butter, I think that sounds great, but maybe only a little bit of it!