Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cookie Dough Brownies

If you read my post called "good eats" you would have seen brownies with raw chocolate chip cookie dough topping. Yes that's right! Sounds great huh?

Here I am with the plate of brownies! "L" promised them to me in May of 2009, my competition came and went, but no brownies...then the July competition, still no brownies. October competition, I wasn't holding my breath, but was still hoping. Nope.

Then, the other day, she shows up at my sons lacrosse tournament, with a big plate of brownies~ here we are, I am enjoying them with a huge glass of pinot noir, yes, that's right. Brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough and pinto noir.

You know what was even funnier? Not one person sitting around me in the bleachers dared ask for one. I ate the entire plate.....

They were so worth the wait too!

Thanks "L"!!