Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Protein Mocha

I love mocha's, but I cannot have them. Besides the fact that they are loaded with countless empty calories, they are expensive!

I make my own every morning (except a couple weeks out from a competition, I have to eliminate it).

Everyday I bring my empty shaker cup and my small container with my post training protein/carb powder to the gym with me, I love Nutrition 53 Chocolate Lean 1. In that container is also L-Leucine, Glutamine and Beta-Alanine.

I wander into the cafe in the gym, fill my shaker cup up with ice, add the free hot coffee and my post workout powder concoction, shake well and I have a nutritious, delicious iced mocha to go.

It's a nice change from a regular post workout shake, gets some caffeine into my system and it tastes great. People often stop me and ask what's in the "miracle drink"...why do people always think that it is a magic powder or pill that makes people fit and healthy? They certainly help, but it's the training, every single day.

So, no mocha's for me right now, so I just fill my cup with ice and coffee, I have spilled the hot stuff way too many times as I zoom home from the gym!