Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strength Shoes

A while ago I posted a blog about SC's shoes that I was wearing. He wears a men's size 10 and I wear a men's size 6, so they were just a tad too big. These shoes are also called "jump shoes" they have a flat platform at the ball of your foot, so your heels never touch the ground.

He told me to wear them around the house, and then hop up and down every once in a while, then let him know if I was sore.


You see, I have skinny calves and I want nice big round meaty calves. FP tells me "it's not the calve show" referring to figure competitions, like who the heck even notices your calves?!

I do and that's all that matters.

I gave SC back his big 'ol shoes and bought my own, ones that fit. Here's the workout he gave me:

each exercise, 3 x 20 or 30 yards, 3 times a week.

Low Squat jumps
Knee tuck jumps
Straight Line hops
Split Squat Jumps
Double leg Hops
Single leg hops
Cone Hops
Single leg Cone Hops
Butt Kicks - Running
High Knees - Running
Box jumps

Sounds easy huh? Well today I was at the gym lifting and doing the dreaded stair stepper (but only 20 minutes) for a total of 2 hours, then I did this in the afternoon at the track across the street from my house (very handy I might add).

This is basically a set of plyometrics with a handicap, your heels never touch the ground, so your calves are getting stretched and working big time. Work they don't usually get.

I walked home after this, sent him a text that said something like this:

Took strength shoes to track, did workout, all I can say is F*#K ME!!!!!!

He was concerned, asked how my calves were and I said fine, just tight, but I could tell, they would be talking back big time tomorrow. He did confirm this, I will be sore the next day.

I shall be limping, big time tomorrow and I am supposed to do this again in two days.

But watch out! My calves will start looking great!