Sunday, June 13, 2010

Remember your family

It is hard for my family when I am dieting for a competition, things just aren't the same. We cannot eat together or eat the same foods.

I have to eat at fairly scheduled times, I become famished if it's been more than a few hours, so when I get home, it's time for me to eat! That means that I quickly make my food while the rest of the world waits for me.

I have everything set up so that really isn't a problem, like tonight I will go home and pull the large prawns out of the refrigerator that I left to thaw before I went to work, they will be quickly sauteed while I warm some sweet potato or rice and some asparagus that is already grilled, I get home and am all done within a half hour.

Then I take care of the rest of the folks. Don't forget that my hobby used to be cooking, so they are used to living in a "restaurant" as they will tell you. I try to cook for them and most people think that it must be absolute torture cooking wonderful foods that I cannot eat, it's not, as long as I have time I don't mind.

Here is last night's dinner for the boys. Star anise spiced pork loin chops with roasted apricots and shallots, saffron and bread crumb roasted fingerling's and fava bean and pea ragout (from the garden). So if you hear those two complaining, they are just making noise...they don't suffer too terribly much!