Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Standing Work Station

Yup! I stand at work now! because of all the issues I have had with my hip flexors, my doctor wanted me to get a standing work station, so that's what I did. I have a pretty nice office to begin with, I mean look at this nice big window! It overlooks one of the buildings that houses about 600 Freshmen here at San Jose State University, sometimes I see some pretty interesting stuff in those windows!

Roy saw these and said "look at how you are standing!!!" Not quite sure how he wants me to stand but I think it's feet together, pointing straight ahead, butt tucked under (no pelvic tilt), shoulders back...

My nice soothing fish on my bright blue screen.

Front view of my computer and station, gotta have some good speakers! The sub woofer is the big box just in front of the mouse.


Microwave under the desk (which I hardly sit at now). Along with my bottled waters. I really don't have to leave my office for much! 

Trophies and my huge white board on the right- I use it to get stuff out of my head, I need someplace to transfer this madness! Paper just never works that well, I am extremely visual, I need to SEE things to understand them. 

The gold trophies are from work, the others are all from Figure competitions. That's not all, just some of them. 

My hip flexors are feeling better, although I am still not ready to start squatting again, I am making progress. I am getting used to the standing work station, and I now have a HUGE space where I can lay down and sleep in my office.

If you haven't read my last post about standing instead of sitting, take a moment to read it here. It may change your mind about your own work environment!


  1. I converted every station in our office to treaddesk a couple of years ago. Standing is great, but the blood kind of pools. Walking between 1mph and 2mph (depending on what's comfortable for you) does not impede our ability to work, but we end up walking between 5 and 10 miles per day and we are very much more alert throughout the day. And my muscular imbalance is improved while back pain is a distant memory. I just don't think we're built to sit so much.

    1. Interesting! I will need to research about the blood pooling. I am out an about QUITE a bit- I am not still for too long if that helps maybe? I would love the treadmill but they don;t have the budget for that here, it was a stretch just to get this!

  2. Very interesting. And love the visual of your office and the troll by your trophies. :)

    I think it's cool that you bring up standing at work. When I was on the floor with patients all day, all I could think of was sitting. LOL. Thank goodness I understood proper lifting technique to lift the sometimes 300+lb patients! We get a lot of back injuries as nurses. And Ed is on his feet a lot with his heavy belt at work, patrolling. I'd like to do some reading on the difference between standing work stations (you) vs. nursing/policing (us).

    Hope you're feeling better. And I'm still trying to track down a shirt (FIT as F). I may either have to make you a bling tank that says it or find one of mine that I wore once. Seriously. LOL.

    1. That troll was my grandmothers! Looks great with the trophies, from "troll to trollop" ha ha ha I am still getting used to standing, I am the office "freak", everyone stops by to have a look....

      Don't worry if you cannot find the shirt! Really, I appreciate it but I will live!