Monday, September 10, 2012



The pursuit of life

I love to watch athletes, real athletes. There is something about that inner drive that I don't see anywhere else, the need to succeed. 

I don't see many at the gym; no, they are training in college or professional facilities, day in and day out, constantly pushing themselves to be better.

We can all strive to be a better athlete, but it takes more than what most are willing to give. How much are you willing to give? How much are you willing to give up? How badly do you want it?

I am often asked how I do it all, work full time, have a family, write my blog, train everyday and compete. It takes hard work! It takes dedication, drive, desire. It doesn't come easy, so many people think there must be a secret- something that they just don't know about, something that will magically make them into the athlete they want to be.

There is.

It's called hunger.

How hungry are you? 

Below is a video (email subscribers will need to navigate to the blog link at the top to view this).

The Athlete is Giavanni Ruffin and the inspirational speaker is Eric Thomas. Both of them create chills up and down my sine.

Last year at this time, I posted part 1, and if this video motivated you to be just a little better, take a look at that one. 

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