Friday, September 14, 2012

Brad's Kale Chips

Brad rocked my boat the other night! Oh my!
Well, not Brad, but

(say that fast five times!)

I am not a real snacker, that's a big reason why I stay pretty much on target with my bodyweight and bodyfat year round. I learned a long time ago, eat your meal first (the macro's- the good stuff) and then, if you have room left over, and the desire, go ahead and have a little snack or treat once in a while.

But Kale.....I mean really, how bad can it be for you? I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods and saw these, a whopping $7.99 for a very small container. But there was one word that got me.


 Yup, I love nacho flavor! You never would have guessed huh? But I rarely enjoy it. I allow myself one bag (those .99 cent bags) of nacho Doritos after every competition, and David always buys two small bags for me as a Christmas's sort of a running joke, we have been married 28 years now, so we gotta do funny stuff, how much jewelry can one person own?

Kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet- it's considered a Super Food. So, I am all about being fit, hot and healthy, they all go hand in hand as far as I am concerned.

My friend Virginia makes kale chips and they are good, but not...quite.....this.....good. I think the two of us will need to get together and figure out how to make them ourselves.  Maybe call them Kristy's Kick-Ass Kale, what do you think?

Back to Brad's though, they did a great job, these are a treat I shall probably keep in the house quite a bit- that is if David doesn't eat them all! He kept munching away at them and "kale" is not his middle name....

For my next road trip to visit Cooper at Chico State in October I will buy a few different flavors. I bet he even likes them!

And next time you see me, let me know if I have kale stuck in my teeth will you? I hate it when no one tells me, it's like walking around with your zipper down and everyone stares, but no one says a word.