Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Self-Myofascial Release

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I stole one of Cooper's lacrosse balls! He has a bag full, and I probably bought them anyway.

Feels so good....

Roy says "stretch and roll". I do, I do. I have my own lacrosse ball in my gym bag and I tote it with me so I can use it. I go to one of the carpeted walls, put the lacrosse ball on one pec and press against it, rolling, moving my body to keep it pressed against the wall.

Then move over to the shoulder, to the rotator cuff, keep rolling and pressing. I have my iPod on, I suppose it  looks a bit odd to see me from behind wriggling against the wall, but I don't care. They expect this type of stuff from Kristy when she is at Courtside!

Not a day goes by when some wise ass male doesn't make a very original remark. I just smile and get back to my rolling.

Give it a try, it really does target the areas that the foam roller cannot reach.