Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dragon Flags

You may not have heard of Dragon Flags before, but I didn't make them up, I assure, you. SC first taught me these several years ago and as he showed me and then helped me do them, all I could think is he made this crap up!

But I went home and searched on the Internet and discovered, no indeed, they are real and not only real, but probably the most difficult ab exercise you can attempt to do.

Dragon Flags were introduced to us by Bruce Lee and later by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV. They are also called Bruce Lee sit ups and Rocky sit ups.

You lay on a bench, and grasp the bench behind your neck, and will perform a reverse crunch- sort of. This makes the reverse crunch a piece of cake! You will bring your legs up, keeping them straight and then slowly lower them, again keeping them straight, never  allowing anything but your upper back and shoulders to touch the bench.

I used to be able to do three sets of five, oh maybe two years ago and had completely forgotten about them until the other day. How many can I do now? Two sets of three, and they aren't even straight legged anymore. I will need lots and lots of practice again!

They are a great way to impress people, because when performed properly these are pretty awe inspiring. Every time I do these I always sit up and find someone staring at me with their mouth agape. 

My abs are sore and it's all due to my Dragon Flags. I will be practicing again every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the mornings, those are the nights I train with Roy, so mornings are my own to play with, cardio, stretching, abs and boxing.

Maybe soon I will bring my camera to the gym and get myself on video for you!

Take a look at this fellows video, he does a good job explaining how to start learning and progressing. (Email readers will need to navigate directly to the blog to view the video)