Friday, November 4, 2011

My Turning Point (Fitness Blog World Post)

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Welcome to another Fitness Blog World post. Today all 24 or the FBW writers have been posed this question:

What was your trigger or turning point that made you choose fitness and/or a healthy lifestyle? How did that process get you where you are today? What or who has had the most influence on your fitness life?

I actually remember when it happened, and I blame it all on the Spanish. Or maybe a more accurate description is a hot summer in Barcelona.

My brother lives in Barcelona and has for years, when we visit it tends to be weeks at a time. I remember a hot July strolling around eating, drinking, talking, having a wonderful time.

I noticed how beautiful the Spanish women were. They were not overweight, they seemed to feel good in their skin. They went topless on the beach, young, old, everyone did.

You could always tell the American men, they were the overweight men staring at the topless Spanish women. And the American women? They were the ones with huge breast augmentations and a swim suit top on.

The longer I stayed the more uncomfortable I felt about my body. I wasn't huge, but I could stand to lose some weight, I think I was at about 142 pounds, and that is hefty for a woman of 5'3". I wanted to walk around feeling free, feeling good in my skin. I enjoyed my vacation, but vowed to turn myself around when I got home and I did.

Although I had been going to the gym regularly, I wasn't a fanatic like I am now, it wasn't "part of my life". I started going to the gym every single day religiously and decided to run a marathon, here I am running away. This picture was taken 10 years ago when I was 40.

I injured both my feet so took up weight training and the rest is history. I love to lift, I love to train, I love to see the changes that my body can go through in a very short period of time (both the negative and positive).

I have chronicled my past trainers at length in my blog so I won't do that again here, but each has been instrumental in helping me to get right where I am today. 

I cannot say that there is one person who has given me more than anyone else has, not one who has influenced me more than any other. Just as in life, I have had the opportunity to work with and meet so many interesting people, each has enriched my life. I feel that each came into my life at the right time, I learned and moved on.

I am very hard on myself, I expect a lot, sometimes I don't know where I even get off thinking I can expect so much, but I do and it has proven to work very well for me.  I am not someone who has ever suffered from low self esteem, I was brought up by very loving and caring parents who instilled self worth in me from day one. I was taught that I could do or be whatever I wanted, so there would be no reason for me to feel I had 'limits". When I decide I will do something, I do it and I do it well or keep trying until I cannot possibly go on. I don't feel uncomfortable stating what my goals are and feeling quite sure about them. 

My husband David will tell you he saw a drastic change in my "fitness" goals and habits when my mother died a few years ago. She was a vibrant woman who suffered through four years of chemotherapy, dying at home with her family around her.

That's when I started working with a nutritionist and started to teach myself what I needed to know to be successful, on my own. That's when I started competing in Figure too. 

Here are some interesting pictures of me only three years ago (pink suit) and now (orange top). I have nice flat abs, but not much shape to my arms or shoulders to speak of. Gosh even three years ago I was standing in front of my Sub-Zero!

And my back is wide but no definition at all. The butt sure looked good though!

Funny how we can change so much isn't it? 

David will also tell you that I am running away. I am trying to outrun death. I am afraid of becoming ill and suffering. It may be true, I am not sure. All I know, is I never stop. 


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