Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am Strong

These are recent pictures of me, I am getting bigger. I am trying to, but it''s still hard on the 'ol head!

Just like everyone else, I need motivation. Although I am really good at kicking myself in the butt, I do enjoy a bit of external motivation.

I read ads a lot - not sure how many other people do. I don't just glance at the pictures, I read them and actually study them. I love the ads from Gaspari- "train with Max". They feature amazing women and wonderful quotes, here is one that I can relate to.

I am Strong....and know no limits
I can defy gravity and
shatter the stereotypes,
My curves are earned
as my weakness is shed.
I trade soft for firm and tears for sweat.
I turn guilt into satisfaction and tomorrow's chore
into today's opportunity.
My purpose becomes defined as
my strength runs wild.