Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arm Training

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The other day Roy told me that I never talk about my arm training. I do train my arms but I don't have a specific arm day, they get trained quite a bit when I train back and I will add a few other arm specific exercises in too.

Arms will also get a workout when training shoulders. I am not aiming for 22 inch biceps, so my training seems sufficient for me!

What exactly am I doing? Well I train back twice a week, and each workout is slightly different. The grip I use will affect which muscle is trained.

At each back workout I start with chins ups and pull ups. I do 5 sets of 5 to 8 depending on my energy level that day and the grip (some are a lot harder than others). Starting with pull ups gets my whole body primed and energized. They are one of the best exercises you can do. Chin ups and pull ups will target the biceps and the triceps, believe me! I will go to the dual cable where there is a 3 way grip in the center, I can do wide grip pull ups, narrow grip, chin ups and neutral grip. I will do all four each time. Often I will do isometric holds and concentrate on the eccentric, holding myself at the top position then lowering as painfully slowly as humanly possible.

The low cable row will target the biceps too, along with the rear delts. Dips hit the triceps. Don't use the assisted dip, learn to do it on your own.

Barbell bent over rows will really work the biceps if you use an underhand grip.

T-bar rows will also target the arms along with the back.

I will do some e-z bar curls with heavy weight (48 pounds for 10 reps is heavy for me) and an offset grip curl at the end.

I think I am successful at it because I train my back heavy, so the arms really get a workout too at the same time. Many women shy away from training back, they are afraid of it becoming too wide and broad. Bad mistake, a wide back is an impressive back!

Sunday on my next back day I will write down the reps and sets and update you with the details.

You want big arms? Work your back!