Saturday, November 26, 2011


I asked Cooper if he had any gloves he didn't need, and he gave me these. They are 12  ounce gloves. I like boxing, it is a really good cardiovascular workout and good for shoulder development.

It's also important to vary your training so your mind and body don't get lazy. I finished my lifting, it was shoulder day, and then I walked down to the basketball courts located in the gym.

I set my gymboss to 3 minutes on, 1 minute rest and approached the heavy bag.

I quickly found out that 3 minutes by myself slamming that bag was too much, so I changed it to 2 minutes, and thought I would try the speed bag a bit too. This is much harder than it looks, the darn bag just doesn't cooperate, it just ends up spinning around in circles. I know this will take quite a bit of practice. 

Back to the heavy bag, there are two so I alternate between the two, moving my feet, changing my stance, concentrating on starting the power from my hips and through the shoulders, not a fling of the fist like a "girl".

I am out of breath, I have only gone 5 two minute rounds and 2 on the speed bag, this is going to be a challenge I can see. But I will do this on my cardio days and weekends and days off, which means I have lots of time to perfect my skills.

When I tell Cooper about this he laughs at me, he has been doing it for years. He said I don't need the speed bag- speed bags are stupid. I question him and he looks me in the eye and says "Mom, there is not one speed bag at AKA".....oh, OK then, screw the speed bag!

When I went to see Roy the other day he asked if I had trained already that day- my shoulders were pumped. Nope, but I had boxed in the morning, and the effects are still evident.

If your gym has heavy bags, I suggest you give this a try, I am loving it!