Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today is My Competition!

You will be seeing this on Saturday, October 1, 2011. Today is my competition. I think I look ready don't you?

Ready is not even the word for it, more like chomping at the bit. I want to do it, and I want to end it. There is so much that I enjoy, yet so much I have had my fill of.

I am looking forward to enjoying nights out eating and drinking like a regular person. Having a banana, or a mango. A ripe fig from my tree. A big juicy lamb chop.

Thursday I took the day to cook my food that I need to take with me so I have food Friday and Saturday at the hotel and the competition.

Below is some of my food. Flank steak, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, baked russets, asparagus. It all gets weighed and packaged.

See the beautiful cheesecake? I get that Friday night and Saturday morning, along with steak and a baked russet.

Stacy is stopping by Friday to snag a piece before the boys eat it all!

I almost forgot my honey bear. He is very important at a competition, you will see several of them around the room. The trick is to eat rice cakes, peanut butter and honey about 40 minutes before you step on stage, but of course, none of us know when we will step on stage, so we eat these all day long! ha ha

And my absolute favorite- Jo's dark chocolate caramel with sea salt. I get them at Peet's coffee. I will eat that backstage after finals!

I want to thank everyone for their love and support and encouragement. I have friends at work, on Facebook, from my blog, at the gym, all over the world!

In fact, there will be some people that I chat with all the time on this blog, that I have never met in person, who will be at the competition! I am excited to meet them finally. 

Although everyone is important, I do need to say a special thanks to David and Cooper. They "compete" in their own way, out of necessity not desire. They have both said they are looking forward to a regular, normal life for a while now that this will be over.

And Roy- thanks for the beautiful physique you have helped to sculpt!

I put together 11 weeks of photos, the weekly pictures of my poses so you can see them start to finish. First all the front shots, then the back, then side, it really is quite amazing to see the transformation that one body can go through so quickly. Take a moment (or 3 actually) to view it, and I found some great music to go with it!

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