Sunday, October 2, 2011

Placings at the San Francisco

I am home, it's 12:45 a.m; technically Sunday morning, I am very tired, but I had to tell you how I placed at my competition!

I entered two divisions, the Figure Masters 50 and up and then Figure "unlimited" or "open" which has no age distinction, but is by height; I am in "C" which I believe is 5'2 1/2" to 5'4".

I placed 1st in the Masters 50 and up and 3rd in the C open!

The Masters is not especially significant to me, I expect to place and place high every time, as I am not your average looking 50 year old. In fact, one of the expediters was actually questioning my age tonight, I had to remind him that Masters are required to show I.D. when they show up to register, no one else does.

And in this show, there were only two in my division, so it was not much of a challenge to me.

But the open division? That is especially exciting to me! There were 8 women, and I was first in the line up as usual (not by my choice, but it is a matter of how they place the cross-overs like me). I looked down the line as we waited in the wings, it would be a tough call, they all looked stunning, and all were quite younger than me, the one closest to my age was 37.

I thought I had 4th at pre-judging, and much to my surprise, I was awarded 3rd at the finals in the evening.

Here I am enjoying my champagne, pinot noir and hot skirt steak sandwich when I got home.

Then a long hot shower and off to bed. I will write more later in the week.


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