Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dinner Out

You can see that David is happy, we don't go out to eat much, and certainly haven't in a very long time. It was Friday, Cooper was attending a party (well a limo was taking them to the beach, he came home for a blanket I didn't ask questions...)

We went to a small Italian restaurant in Campbell called Tigelleria.  Their food is organic,  sustainable, and they are members of Slow Food, just like us!

I don't have a competition, at least not for months so I can relax the diet. I was good all week long, and was looking forward to a fun night out, just like a "normal" person! 

They brought us some small flat bread and three spreads, hummus, tapenade and pea puree.

We started with a glass of sparkling wine and carpaccio. Thin slices of raw beef with arugula, capers, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. 

Then we split the squid ink pasta with shrimps and asparagus and a glass of wine.

Then David had Salamelle Mantovane, pork sausages made with nutmeg and lambrusco, served with a great rustic polenta. 

I had Cinghiale al Forno, wild boar tenderloin marinated in valpolicella and stuffed with rosemary and black olives, wrapped in pancetta served with shallot and carrot puree and roasted chestnuts.

And wine.

Then dessert. I don't usually eat dessert but I am glad I did. I may just come back here for a coffee and this dessert again. 

It was Salame Dolce; sweet chocolate salame made with chocolate, dry cookie crumbs, almonds, butter and sugar. 

You can see me thoroughly enjoying it here. I had a great time, and didn't feel the least bit guilty for eating every last bit!

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Sunday morning I got home from the gym, David asked if I ate his left over sausage and polenta. Hell no, before the gym?! Cooper comes out and says "I hope no one was saving that sausage, it was great!" He even ate and enjoyed the polenta. Cooper is a foodie, and to please a 17 year old foodie is pretty tough.

I would say give them a try, they are on Open Table. Make a reservation.