Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday Night Out

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Friday....I love Friday! I work until 11:30 then off to train shoulders with Roy. Well, we actually changed it a bit, my chest needs to be trained. 

We did bench press with a very, slight incline, this made it much more difficult! Then dumbbell press, making sure to stretch all the way at the bottom, then turning the dumbbells at the top. Then incline lat raise, facing the bench. 

When we finished I went off to Whole Foods and Peet's for my shopping. First Peet's and I get an iced coffee to take with me as I shop.

As I am at the checkout, a young woman comes to bag. "I am totally jealous of your arms!" We talk a bit, she knows a bodybuilder but she said her arms are not nearly as big as mine (yahoo!)

Later David and I head off to Enoteca La Storia to meet some friends, all women he works with. As we walk up to the patio I see one head turn around, then all the heads snap around in our direction. We are greeted with squeals and hugs. Lindsay says I put them all to shame, they feel like they need to go to the gym now. 

A few bottles of wine and some meats, cheese and bread and then David and I leave for dinner, we are off to Opa! 

It is packed as usual, so we get a glass of wine and stand, a couple offers us their places at the bar, we will eat there! As David goes to use the restroom a woman at the end of the bar motions to her arms, then to me and a thumbs up. Smiling she says "Impressive! Your arms are great!"

We get Saganaki, the flaming cheese served with ouzo poured over it then lit on fire. Squeeze some lemon on it and it is warm, gooey, heaven.

David gets the grilled solomos (salmon) and I get the seafood souvlaki with Greek salad instead of fries. 

As I am waiting for the restroom, the hostess walks over to me. "Your arms are amazing! I cannot believe how great they look, you look awesome!"  I thank her and we start talking about what I do. She says "I work out 5 days a week, but my arms don't like anything like yours!" I explain that I really train twice a day, it takes a lot of hard work to get here.

We had a great evening and I went to bed with an attitude that, despite several glasses of wine, I would be up at 5:00 am to kill legs!

I was. I did. And my shoulders and pecs are sore from Friday!