Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post Competition Celebration Lunch

Sunday I couldn't sleep in too late, I am wired to get up and go. I woke about 6 a.m. and read the paper, David got up early too and I asked for breakfast. An avocado, mushroom and cheddar cheese omelet with one piece of sourdough toast.

No pastries, I have all the time in the world really. The days following a competition are so fun, filled with eating and celebration.

We went to the farmers market and I ate some fruit, oh the flavor was wonderful! I bought great vegetables and meats. On the way home I texted Virginia- Ramos Fizzes in 15 minutes! She and Mark came right over, Sophie leading the way in her little battery operated car.

Then it was over to Santa Cruz for lunch at the Cellar Door Cafe. We are so lucky to have this stunning restaurant so close.
I knew what I wanted as soon as I talked to the server. The Aioli Monstre. A huge platter of cold poached seasonal vegetables and seafood, served with aioli (garlic mayonnaise).

Oh there was wine too, after all, Bonny Doon is a winery! I am not a "cheesecake Factory" gal, quantity does nothing for me, it is quality I want. I am a foodie, I know great food, I eat only the best. I know the best restaurants, hit me up when you are looking for something....

Here is the platter up close, next Sunday is the last day this is on the menu, then they are honoring the change of the seasons, and moving to bouillabaisse, I will be there for that!

My platter has cauliflower, carrots, green beans, Romano beans, wax beans, stuffed egg, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, basil, radishes, scallops and halibut cheeks! Each morsel is delicate and fresh as can be, you dip it in the garlicky mayonnaise and it is heaven on earth. 

It is an open kitchen, we like to sit at the counter and chat with the chefs. David is enjoying Pork Belly Confit, warm cabbage salad and fried yolk. 

It doesn't sound great but it was, I tried it!

I could have licked the plate. I joked with the server that I should have just eaten the darn shrimp tails too....

Dessert. Dark chocolate cookie, caramel mascarpone. Sounds simple, and it was. Simply delicious!

David ate one.

I ate the rest. They make them there, the cookies were slightly crispy outside, sort of like the crackly top of a brownie, then dense and moist inside. Like a sophisticated Oreo. 

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This is one of the few restaurants Cooper will go out of his way to eat at, he knows great food too. I highly suggest you make a trip here, it is worth the drive over the hill.