Sunday, October 9, 2011

Competition Primer (Part II) Gluing the Suit

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It's all about the butt! 

Seriously now, if there are two competitors who are close as far as physiques, the one with the best butt wins!

As it should be too.

I do work on the glutes a lot, I pay great attention to them as I think the most unattractive female trait is a saggy, fat, lumpy, dimpled butt. Sorry, it's one of my non-negotiables, I just cannot stand it!

You can make sure you have a firm set of glutes, but you have to do the right stuff. This means working the hamstrings, so that the entire glute and hamstring transition flows nicely (called the glute/ham tie in).

This is my back view from last week's competition. Not bad huh?

And, I made a great discovery! Actually Ann Wood Edson, the woman I am standing with introduced me to this competition life saver. 

Elmers Craft Glue

OK, we all wonder who on earth designed these competition suites and the 5 inch heels that you are REQUIRED to wear (did ya know that?!)

The suits are beautiful, but they really don't stay "put" if you know what I mean, especially the back bottom portion.

Now if you have a suit that covers your entire rear end, like a brief, it's not that much of a problem, but if you have one like mine, which doesn't cover much, it is a major problem. I cannot count the number of "wedgie" shots of my butt from previous competitions that are forever on the Internet, oh well. 

I met Ann as we both plopped down across from each other in the dressing room, and of course, started talking. It was her first competition and she had the goods!

She offered to "glue my butt"...actually it is the suit that gets glued to the butt. I should have asked her how she found out about this, but I forgot!

Most of the women use Bikini Bite, a roll on glue for this specific purpose, but even then it doesn't hold long and don't even think about bending over or it comes undone. 

Some women (not me) need to glue their tops too, and you can glue the sides  of the bottoms as they are supposed to be pulled way up high on the hips. Glue it all I say!

The Elmers' Craft Glue worked like a charm! It held my suit through both the Master's and the Open. 

It is very helpful if someone will glue it for you so they can see if it is straight. I have found that (for me)  it works best to glue it not only on the back "cheek" area, but right at the crotch, to keep the middle material from bunching and turning (I know, TMI). So I would glue my own crotch then ask someone to glue the back, you need to put the glue on, then press the suit against the skin for about 30 seconds. You cannot be shy in this sport, just go with the flow.

This glue did leave a small residue on the inside of my suit, unlike Bikini Bite, but I cannot see it through the outside. It left residue on ME for a few days! I kept sticking to the toilet and had streaks on my backside where the spray tan was streaked as it slowly wore off, the glue remained and it really didn't look very attractive.

But it worked, and I will use it again!

Thank you Ann!