Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Delts

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I love shoulders. Big, broad, round, strong shoulders. The delts make a difference in any physique.  I have always loved to train shoulders and it shows, they look good. 

Today (Friday), I was training shoulders with Roy, we were using the chains. He said he had been studying my photos, like this one, from my last competition. 

He said that my delts are well developed in some areas, but lacking in others, and he wants to work on that. I am not familiar with everything he discussed, but apparently I am lacking development in the second and third muscle I think he said, out of 7...I didn't realize there were 7, I thought there were just 3!

So I know there are three heads to the deltoid, but within those three are more muscle fibers, for a total of seven. I need to start bench pressing heavy. He said with my year round low body fat, and the level of development of my deltoids, I should have a distinct cut showing between the pectoral muscles and the anterior deltoid, which I do not have; he wants to remedy that situation.

We start next week.

I am thrilled!

I have never, ever had someone take an interest like this in the development of MY physique! Now don't take this wrong, all of my other trainers had interest in what I wanted to do, and they helped me to work towards my goals, but Roy is advising and pushing, where I didn't know I needed it. He is the first to come out and say something like this.

I remember one trainer might say my "front delts were flat" and I needed to work them that day, but that would be about it. Roy is engaged with me, with my goals, with my "journey", my next adventure towards Women's Physique. If my only goal was to train strictly for my competitions, with no thought about my enjoyment or life in general, I might find another trainer, a bodybuilder. I am sure I could find another trainer who specialized in bodybuilding or Figure, one who solely worked on the development of the body for pure aesthetics; for the one goal of the next competition; with no concern for strength and overall body development, but I have no interest in that do I? I am interested in someone who values nutrition, mind and body connection, enjoyment of the moment, and the science of strength training. I am not training for aesthetics only. 

I enjoy working with someone who not only appreciates my goals, but who has engaging conversations about those goals, and is willing to embark on an adventure, along with me. Someone who isn't afraid to experiment. 

Today we talked about my new "diet plan", a rotating plan that limits starches, and always after training only, and increases proteins. I will have occasional "cheat meals" My goal? Add lean mass and decrease body fat, a very, very difficult task. But I think I can do it. I will give my idea a try, and if it works, great. If it doesn't, no harm done, I go back to the old plan. 

Roy was supportive and interested. He admits he doesn't know if my plan will work, but it is MY plan, no one else's, and he is there to support it along the way. 

I realize that my success is ultimately his success, and that is what makes a great team.

Did I say I am thrilled?