Saturday, May 21, 2011


If you are familiar with Crossfit you have heard of WOD or Workout of the Day, well I have Workout of the Week or WOW.

It would be nice to do this everyday, but I can't so I need to be happy with one day a week. I can then duplicate it as much of it as possible on my own later in the week.

What did I do this Friday with Roy? 

Warm ups, he said my hips and legs were tight as I tried to move.

I did snatch grip deadlifts on a platform, I had never done that before, basically the grip was very, very wide, my arms, especially my forearms really felt it. All the way down, ass to ground again....well actually since I was standing on something it didn't quite hit the ground, but give it time, soon it will be so big, it will hit when I am only half way down.

We did several and then he said "OK, that's a good warm up" ha! I was breathing hard already!

I did back extensions with a weighted E-Z curl bar. All the way down, tempo of 4 then up. I started with 12, then rested but it wasn't long enough. Then another set, and another. The last, I could barely do 8 of them, with each set the last few reps were hard, really, really hard.

Some single leg quad work, half squats, up on my toe, stretching the calf, then partially down, back up then flat foot. 

Pushed the sled, driving the knees up and going for speed, that really hits my quads. Several sets.

I was fairly fatigued at that point and we started talking about "it". The big tire truck in the corner.

"Have you ever done squats with a tire?" he, can't say that I have and I couldn't picture how you would anyway!

Roy put on gloves, the thing is dirty. Then showed me how to squat down, and power up, flipping it over. I donned the gloves, and started flipping, right out the garage door into the hot sun. I would squat down, put both hands under and explode up (or try to, my legs were shot by then).

He said this would be something to do at the start normally, but since I wanted to see it, he let me try. As I was out in the middle of the drive, I realized I would have to flip it back all the way, so I stopped going in that direction and started back toward the gym.

I slipped on my clothes, mixed up my carb-protein drink and downed it with my supplements. Top down, warm air in my hair and off to the grocery store.

I love Fridays!

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