Friday, May 27, 2011

Underground Body Opus

My latest book, and it's quite fascinating! Those of you who compete have surely heard of Dan Duchaine, he was known as "the steroid guru" but was also a bodybuilder, author and two time convicted felon. A very interesting fellow to say the least.

He started selling steroids by undercutting the local dealers, then moved into wholesale. Eventually, he became part of a major trafficking ring from Mexico, and co-founded Laboratories Milano in Tijuana, which was the largest black market steroid manufacturing plant in Mexico at the time.

In 1988, Duchaine introduced Clenbuterol to bodybuilders. He went to prison a few times, and wrote several books.

Here is a history: 

1981 - The Original Underground Steroid Handbook
1983 - Underground Steroid Handbook
1983 - Ultimate Dieting Handbook
1984 - Dan Duchaine initiated the John Siegler Fan Club - the 1st mail order steroid business.
1985 - Dan Duchaine co-founded Laboratories Milano in Tijuana, MX - the largest black market steroid manufacturing plant.
1987 - Indicted by the US government on conspiracy and mislabelling charges.
1988 - The Steroid Guru
1988 - Underground Steroid Handbook II
1988 - Dan Duchaine coached major Olympic athletes in passing drug testing.
1988 - The Steroid Guru introduced clenbuterol to American bodybuilders. 
1988 - Dan Duchaine got off probation - Back to the world of bodybuilding where he continued to advise until his demise on January 12th, 2000.
1989 - Dan Duchaine served an 18-month sentence in federal prison.
1990 - The Steroid Guru assisted top Mr. Olympia competitors to pass steroid testing with blocking agents.
1991 - Dan Duchaine was indicted by the US government for selling GHB and Clenbuterol to Longevity Clubs.
1992 - Duchaine served a 30 month sentence in federal prison.
1996 - Muscle Media 2000
1997 - Body Opus
1997 - Dirty Dieting Newsletter
2000 - Dan Duchaine passed away at the age of 47. 

So I guess you are wondering why I am reading this when I am so anti steroid?  Many reasons actually. First, Dan was also an amazing chemist, he experimented and figured out what made things work the right way.

He also knew about dieting, and although I have no desire to take steroids, I am interested in his diet techniques. I actually plan on going on the Body Opus diet once I am as big as I want to get, then I will see how well it works (drug free of course).

To give you an idea of his thoughts on dieting, here is a piece from the book as he explains why he wrote a diet book as opposed to a drug book this time round:

"I was avoiding a diet drug book because drugs will not magically solve all the dieting problems. Even with drugs, we still face the same problems of muscle loss and stubborn lower body fat. There's no lack of drugs- steroids, anti-estrogens, thyroid hormones, beta-agonists. Just take a look at the Top 50 list. These drugs cause some remarkable metabolic adjustments, but there is no one genie-in a bottle, wish fulfillment drug.  Sure, you hear the "drugs an not the answer" diatribe a little too frequently, but when the Steroid Guru says the same thing, take pause. I've been there, and  BODYOPUS is not the drug diet book promised in 1980."

One very interesting thing I have found, is that this book was written in 1996 and several of the "recommended" perfectly safe diet drugs are now illegal. 

It reminds me that even now when there are "safe" supplements out there, it could be tomorrow when they are pulled from the markets due to deaths.

I am also just blown away at the number of asthma, thyroid, cancer, diuretic, fertility and even melanin enhancers that people will ingest and abuse for the sake if appearance. I didn't realize all of this was used like this.

I also think think that just because I am against something, doesn't mean that I should be ignorant about it. I think that given my hobby, it is quite important that I understand these things, and the shady characters I may rub elbows with sometimes! 

So in his list of "top 50 dieting drugs and supplements" am I using anything that he recommends? Yes indeed I am.

Creatine monohydrate (used for strength, energy substrate replacement)

Vanadyl sulfate (glucose disposal- it transports glucose from the bloodstream across cell membranes)

Chromium (insulin agonist, repartition agent)- causes glucose disposal into muscle cells instead of fat cells.

I have researched these thoroughly, I have read everything on FDA websites, WADA, Olympic sites and I trust that what I am taking is OK.  Could their status change? Definitely. In fact, Duchaine said this of Vanadyl Sulfate back in 1996..

"Most health food supplements never fulfill expectations of drug-like action, but vanadyl sulfate is one of the two supplements that does. (The other is creatine monohydrate.) Money spent on vanadyl sulfate is money well spent."

I take it with the Chromium as he believes they should be taken together. I started taking this several months ago, and was pleased to read his thoughts on the two minerals.