Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wheel Chocks for Mothers Day

Yes I received these bright orange puppies and it was just what I wanted! And, it has nothing to do with my car, they are for the gym!.

First, we had a great day making pizza. I make homemade dough, the recipe from Chez Panisse and it comes out thin and crispy, not much cheese, really a very healthy version of pizza.

I use about 3 ounces buffalo mozzarella and crushed San Marzano tomatoes, then vary the toppings.

We had Margherita (David), Sausage and fava shoots (Cooper), and wild mushroom (me).

With the wonderful wild mushroom we had a bottle of rose sparkling wine. Damn I look kinda skinny here...time to add some muscle to those bones!

Cooper gave me a great cookbook, he told David: "Pretty smart huh? I buy her a book that has all my favorite foods in it and she makes them for me!" He also gave me a mini bonsai kit to make my office more calm, he knows its been a very, very stressful place lately (like the last year...)

I did receive the beautiful diamond necklace, but really the gift I wanted?

Wheel Chocks for the gym.

Only black would have been a bit better...but David said the only plastic ones on Mother's Day were bright orange, so I get what I get.

Why did I want these? 

My quads and butt.

Roy has me pushing the sled, and pulling the sled. My gym is a "club", and no one pulls or pushes anything there other than designer baby strollers or my buttons....we have no sled!

I asked Roy what I could do in lieu of the sled, he said to get these (and he had some) and use only one, stand on it, so my heel is quite elevated, lift the other leg out in front and do one legged squats, while holding onto dumbbells.

I just tossed them into my little blue Bodybuilding.com gym bag along with my other stuff and hauled them in with me.

Sounds easy and goofy. It works trust me! It's also very difficult, people will laugh at you, but they always enjoy laughing at me anyway.

I did these on Tuesday, along with the other exercises he told me to do, and I can really feel it in my butt., although the point is to target the glutes more. Unfortunately (or fortunately), as I always tell you, I am glute dominant, so the butt will just get to be it's own person soon and I just walk in front of it.

I am super sore right where you get the "smileys". or I guess where the leg openings of your briefs would be. Don't ask me about shorts, can't help you there.

I have rolled, rolling glutes is one very painful experience.

Wheel chocks, what did you give your mom huh?