Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hurts So Good!

Hurts so good, come on baby make it hurt so good! Sometimes love don’t feel like it should, you make me hurt so good!

Ah, the results of training with Roy. I know, I am a very intelligent woman. I know that just because a muscle hurts doesn’t mean you have actually started working it so it will grow, and at the same time, I know that pain is not necessary so that you can induce muscle growth.

Ah, but it feels so good! You must watch and listen to this video! You see, music moves me. You can easily tell my mood, my thoughts, and my energy by my music, so to understand how I feel as I am writing this; you need to watch this music video. So I have it here at the beginning instead of the end.

Its 3:28 minutes of your life……

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Friday I met with my new trainer, Roy. He assessed my mobility. And found lots of tightness, who on earth doesn’t have tightness when they wear 4 inch heels to work every day?

He asked what I wanted to work on, I mean, I am already fit, it’s not like I need a trainer. “What do the judges tell me I need to work on” he asked?

Quads- They never get big enough. I am glute dominant, I have a great butt and always will, it’s genetic, I need the quads!

He did various things to stretch and test, watching patiently.

We warmed up by pushing the sled….(YES a sled!)

Front squats. But low, low, really low.

Lunges, low and deep, not as I usually do.

Glute Ham raise

More sled, pulling this time.

I felt great afterward, rejuvenated, strong, triumphant, as I always do after a great session!

Home to then have a manicure and pedicure. I think I fell asleep in the chair.

Saturday? The soreness was unbelievable! I told Roy that my quads were my problem area- well he hit them and he hit them hard!

Sunday? Still crying, but I rolled on my foam roller and trained shoulders like a champ!

Am I happy? Oh my goodness, the endorphins are like a drug I would pay big bucks for if I had to- but I have Roy, I have my training, and then the simple pleasures of water and food after!

I feel like I have laid dormant for a year, like a thick, mature rhizome, ready to push through the earth. I am so, so very high, It should almost be illegal!