Sunday, May 8, 2011


Which one of these athletes bodies appeals to you? The fellow on the left is a long distance runner, the fellow on the right, a sprinter.

The choice is quite easy for me, the long distance, marathoner look is not what I like on me or anyone else. It looks haggard, unhealthy, old, tired, weak, frail, not strong at all.

The sprinter? Holy Cow! Now that's a body! This guy is what women must be naturally attracted to, when they are unconsciously looking for a mate- strong, virile, healthy, protective, full of energy.

Now if you are a woman, consider  these two athletes:

Again, the marathoner looks anything but healthy. 

Keep the bodies in mind when you plan your cardio. Do you hit the gym and all you ever do is an hour or even longer on a cardio machine? I did that when I was injured and could not train. 

That's the key- I did it only because I needed some form of activity to ensure I didn't blow up like a balloon. But keep in mind I had been lifting weights and lifting heavy for ages, I had nice big full muscles starting out.

People who only do cardio and do not lift weights will never look good, at least not what I consider "looking good" which is fullness in the body, so you have solid muscle over the bones, with taught skin across the muscles.

Endless, slow cardio will just eat away at your body producing an emaciated look, like our marathoners in the pictures above. You must stop doing this!

If you want to burn calories, then consider training more like a sprinter. I happen to live directly from a rubberized track, so I go out there and Fartlek which means I jog the ends and sprint the straights. Great exercise, really good work out, burns tons of calories and makes your butt look great!

Check out these glutes, these women didn't get to be looking this way by running marathons I can tell you that!

Ah, what legs too!

You can do this type of training on a machine, like an elliptical or a treadmill. Just program it to intervals. I watch one woman at the gym do it on the stairmill, blows me away every time. 

Long, slow and steady may win the race, but it won't win the beauty contest!

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