Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One week of my diet


I started to "clean up" my diet a week ago. If you read my post, you would know that I am starting a little early, because I will be vacationing in Mexico where there are mandatory margaritas attached to the chaise lounge in front of my hotel room.

Here I am after one week, now please keep in mind I just got back from the gym and am standing in front of my refrigerator!

I have lost one pound, I am at 126. I think that's a good rate for me to lose at. I haven't increased any cardio, and haven't reduced calories, I just stopped my snacks and bites here and there. Oh, and no more rice cakes with peanut butter...darn!

I didn't gain a great deal of weight over the last few months, and it's all basically right there in my stomach area, but even that looks better than it did last week, let's do a side by side comparison.

Well, the only thing I can honestly see in these is that the "v" cut running down the sides of my stomach is getting more pronounced, but that means the fat is reduced.

I will keep up with the same routine this week, and see how I am doing, I would like to avoid having to add in more cardio yet, as it will only need to increase later.

I am also a natural 'ectomorph", I find it hard to gain lean muscle mass, yet at the same time, I remain relatively thin year round and don't have to worry about gaining a lot of fat.

This means I must be careful so I don't lose too much near the end, and look emaciated.

I always find the transformation part of this so exciting. I love it when I gain and look more muscular, but when I start to lose, a whole new body emerges and I have a feeling of power.

Each day I become more and more focused, things just operate like clockwork. No thinking, it's a well known drill, it's habit.

My body starts to get lean and tight, I can feel the difference daily. I feel like an animal almost, instead of walking I feel like I am silently gliding through the forest, only my eyes moving as I take in the world around me.

I am in my own world, doing what I need to stay alive, to exist, to reach my goal. No one can get in my way, no one can stop me. I am one with myself.

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