Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four weeks of my diet

It's been four weeks, don't my shoulders look GREAT!? I love this look. I realize this is supposed to be about my diet, and where I have gotten in four weeks, but it all gets rolled up into one big mess.  I do have to say, my shoulders look better than ever, and this picture was not taken on a shoulder training day either!

Your whole body starts taking on a different look as you slowly lose the fat, yet keep hitting the muscles hard with training. I have not lost any more weight, I am actually still just 2 pounds less than when I started four weeks ago, but I am sure quite a bit of that is stored glycogen.

As muscles become better trained, they are better able to store glycogen, resulting in the ability to swell up with water storage.
My back and lats are massive, shoulders huge, everything is looking great in my opinion. I have to keep up the training and dieting though.

The biggest issue for me at the moment is I am sitting on my patio in Mexico, vacationing. These pictures were taken Friday, and it is now Sunday. Gone is the ripped look, I have been eating, eating normal food and drinking cocktails! GASP!

I plan to continue enjoying myself. I will see what I look like later, and so will you! Don't expect a tight body at the next showing!